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Black Mirror (Season 1, 2)

Black Mirror (Season 1, 2)

Black Mirror (season 1, 2) download episodes of TV series

 Channel 4 


Complete S01, S02

TV Series Black Mirror download (season 1, 2) for free

You can download Black Mirror Season 1, 2 here at Latest episodes available for free download. We monitor the air dates of TV Show “Black Mirror” and upload new episodes ASAP.All premieres of television series can be found on our website. If you want to stay updated of the show’s new episodes, please, sign up for TopTvShows updates below. Black Mirror season 1 is a surface of “plasma”, a smartphone display and screen. Mirror is because all these gadgets represent our essence. Black is because our true nature is often not bright, but very dark. And the active intrusion into our routine of the technological progress easily releases things that we concealed before well.

Heroes of the TV show are common, in principle, people and situations that happen to them are also ordinary. The politician wants to raise his rating and the group of people wants to make money while having fun and a jealous husband tends to ensure his wife’s infidelity. The thing is that they choose unusual means, resorting to the latest technologies. The creators of Black Mirror season 1 remind us one should not blindly follow the progress achievements. The fee for the apparent ease, speed and efficiency of problem solving is often incommensurate. This almanac is a dystopia for those who are not afraid to look into the future.

Download full episodes of Black Mirror (season 1, 2) show :

Season 1

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Season 2

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